Insurance Solutions for Crypto and Mining Infrastructure

Evertas is the world’s first crypto insurance company: A+ rated coverage for new risks, based on timeless principles.

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Crypto Insurance Policy Types

Our insurance products are purpose-built to meet the challenges and opportunities unique to Web3.

Crime / Theft-Loss

Protects digital assets and fiat lost to outside attacks.


Protects digital assets, fiat and objects lost to employees.

Tech E&O

Protects against losses due to technology or platform failure.

Smart Contract

Protects digital assets lost due to flawed self-executing blockchain code.


Protects against loss of digital possessions, such as NFTs.


Protects against losses due to social engineering attacks.


Protects against mining hardware failure due to physical damage ($200 million in limit).

Directors and Officers

Protects company leadership against legal action by third parties.

How Evertas is Different


Evertas is the only crypto insurance coverholder in the Lloyd’s of London marketplace. As such, our policies carry an unmatched A+ (Superior) creditworthiness rating.


Evertas protects crypto custodians, exchanges, investment funds, family offices and mining operations.


Evertas has the most thorough and complete underwriting process in the industry, giving us the best understanding of the technical and people risks inherent to each project. This makes for better underwriting, faster claims and generally improved experience for the insured.


Evertas has policy-writing authority on six continents. We’ll get to Antarctica as soon as crypto does.


Evertas is run by cryptonatives philosophically committed to seeing Web3 thrive by empowering the innovators who are building the technologies we believe in.


Evertas offers the highest per incident coverage limits, providing insureds the protection they need in a single underwriting.

Who We Work With

Our success is a product of the outstanding companies we collaborate with and serve each day.

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