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The Evertas Inception

How It Started

Evertas was born from a shared desire: to create insurance for this new risk, based on timeless standards and principles.

As a leader in early blockchain organizations, and the first full-time blockchain hire at the world’s largest custodian bank, J. Gdanski understood the technology and the institutional environment like few others.

With experience at McKinsey and running consulting and insurance businesses, Raymond’s instincts drew him to blockchain. In 2016 he ran the world’s first Insurance & Blockchain conference in North America.

It was clear to both that insurance for crypto did not work at all. It didn’t understand the risk and it wasn’t well priced.

This is insurance, unchanging.

The Team

We combine blockchain expertise with institutional understanding and insurance leadership.

Our team is comprised of leadership, products and services, operations, and advisors.

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Ryan Lackey

Ryan Lackey

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