23 May, 2022

Evertas Update: Spring 2022

Category: Insight

Dear friends and supporters of Evertas: there are some exciting and important developments we are eager to tell you about.

Here’s the short version…

  • Evertas is now a Lloyd’s of London Coverholder
  • We continue expanding capacity
  • The Evertas brand has undergone a major overhaul
  • We made a key new hire
  • We launched a new product: Certifications

Read more about all this below.

The biggest news is that Evertas is now a Lloyd’s of London coverholder. In this role, we gain insurance writing capacity of our own, making us the first and only one stop source for insurance on cryptoassets. The news broke in the form of a (rare) joint media announcement made with Lloyd’s, which generated quite a bit of attention.

This connection to the Lloyd’s marketplace brings with it many benefits, including access to the Lloyd’s Product Innovation Facility.

Expanding Capacity

We’ve recently greatly expanded our reach and range. Specifically, in addition to the US and UK, Evertas can now write policies in Canada, Hong Kong and Australia. 

We’ve also expanded the kinds of coverage we can offer, to include technology errors and omissions as well as platform policies. All told, Evertas can now facilitate hundreds of millions of dollars in diverse kinds of coverage, in addition to the cryptoasset policies we’ve pioneered.

Branding Updates

In other news, from our logo to our tagline to our website, the Evertas brand has undergone a major overhaulPlease take a look at the website to see for yourself.  When you do, you’ll see that: 

  • Our logo now does more to resemble a vibrant crypto project than a stodgy bank, as it did before. This will help us better define ourselves and connect with our target market. 
  • Our tagline: ‘Insurance, Unchanging’ expresses our belief that while crypto represents an exciting new sector, mitigating its risk demands a methodical application of the same sets of timeless principles that have always been present for any successful insurance venture. Of course, we feel that Evertas is the only firm able to do this.  
  • Our website now takes on the minimalist look and feel typical of modern blockchain sites. What’s more, it features, as its organizing principle, several actual NFTs, including the one that serves as header image for this message. 

Our new brand puts us in a better position to address our market and build on some of the great additional news you’ll read about below.  

Key New Hire

Please join us in welcoming Ryan Lackey, our new Chief Security Officer. 

In his new role, Ryan will initially focus on developing our professional services and incident response offerings, in addition helping draft a standardized framework for evaluating cryptoasset risk – something that will have application far beyond Evertas and, indeed, promises to benefit the entire industry. Ryan is famous in both the blockchain and cybersecurity space and given Evertas sits at the intersection of those worlds, we are fortunate to have his expertise supporting our work. 

PS: Ryan has been invited to speak at Consensus 2022 in Austin. So if you’re going to be there, be sure to catch his session.

New Product Launch: Certifications

On the product front, Evertas recently launched Certificationsthe mark of certainty in an uncertain world.

Think of it as the Underwriter’s Labs for custodial crypto – a sign that experts with an eye singularly focused on consumer protection have conducted a review and declared assets stored on a platform are safe enough to meet our standard of insurability. We expect the Evertas Certifications seal will come to represent a key differentiator for consumers weighing the virtues of competing offerings, and will also spark many new business development opportunities for us.



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