21 Jan, 2021

ICYMI – Cryptoasset Economy Regulatory Resources

Category: Insight

TLDR – For those that have an interest in cryptoasset economy related regulatory issues, I’m providing a short list of some that I’ve found useful.

As the new Biden Administration begins the process of governance of the United States of America, one Cabinet nominee’s statements regarding cryptoassets has engendered a lot of recent discussion.

As we await Secretary Janet Yellen’s confirmation, her statements suggesting that cryptoassets are only good for illicit finance suggest the new Administration will continue with the pace of proposed regulatory changes as marked by the last quarter of 2020.

With new rules also coming into play for the European Union, I wanted to highlight a short list of global regulatory resources on which I rely related to the cryptoasset economy – what would you add to the list?

  • Please note that the list isn’t meant to be comprehensive and excludes the usual observers like CoinDesk or Decrypt.

BakerHostetler LLP Blockchain Monitor




Financial Action Task Force (FATF) – Guidance on a Risk Based Approach to Virtual Currencies


(a little old but still useful; dates to 2015)

Global Blockchain Business Council – Global Standard Mapping Initiative

PerkinsCoie LLP – Virtual Currency Report & Digital Currencies: International Actions & Regulations



US Library of Congress – Regulation of Cryptocurrency Around the World


XReg Consulting – MiCA Explained: the EU crypto-asset law




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