7 Nov, 2022

Keith Burkhardt Joins Evertas as Head of Insurance

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Keith Burkhardt
Keith Burkhardt with Miss Coco Chanel

Evertas is a pioneer in the insurance industry working to solve the gap in capacity afflicting the Web3 space. The company is in a rapid growth phase and adding key new members to the team, most notably insurance industry executive Keith Burkhardt, who will be serving as head of insurance. 

In his role, Keith wears many hats, ranging from managing revenue growth strategy to overseeing operations to developing broker and underwriter relationships. 

Evertas CEO and co-Founder J. Gdanski describes the benefit Keith brings to the company as follows: 

“Keith is the insurance veteran we need right now. He has extensive experience as a broker and in operations for a variety of insurance companies. Keith has already been a great asset in terms of briefing the industry, educating them and expanding our reach and impact as a company.” 

Evertas President and co-Founder Raymond Zenkich explains that what Evertas offers – insurance on an asset class as new and often counter-intuitive as crypto – is a challenge for many brokers to understand, given they are typically not immersed in the Web3 space.  

“Keith succeeds because he speaks the language of insurance brokers and helps them to see the unique value Evertas will bring to their clients, as well as to the blockchain space as a whole. I want the broker community to know that we’ve brought somebody on who gets your world and will help you better bring these complex risks into the market.” 

A Swiss Army knife of talent, Keith’s insurance operations experience has left him adept at developing innovative risk transfer solutions and the services needed to support them.  

Keith explains that a central goal for this new role is to help brokers understand that Evertas offers the best, most complete solution for their clients:  

“The complexity of blockchain has severely limited the number of underwriters willing to take on the risk, and that makes the job of the broker especially challenging. But the hardest part of helping a client get insurance in the Web3, crypto, and blockchain spaces is simply understanding the risks surrounding the technology and then getting an effective policy that covers those risks. While it’s true that our underwriting process is more rigorous than others in this market, it’s exactly as rigorous as it needs to be, and anything less should be cause for concern for carrier, broker and client.” 

Keith’s underwriting team is also expanding. Erik Udahl has joined as an underwriting analyst and Alex Choy as an underwriter. Erik comes to Evertas after launching his career as a financial analyst, while Alex learned underwriting at Arch, a Lloyd’s syndicate.  

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