Policy Types

Evertas is the only crypto insurance company backed by Lloyd’s of London, one of the world’s oldest and most trusted insurers.

Evertas policies carry the highest achievable creditworthiness ratings from AM Best and Standard & Poors: A- (IX – Excellent) or A+ (XV – Superior).

Our coverage limits of up to $360 million are the highest in the industry.

Evertas’ proprietary cryptonative underwriting process makes us unique. By leveraging our underwriters’ subject matter expertise, we create bespoke policies that mitigate technical and people risks inherent to each individual project.

Our global policy writing authority means that no matter where on the globe your project may be, Evertas has you covered. 

Better underwriting means more appropriate coverage, leading to streamlined claims and faster payouts.

Mining Property

Protects mining hardware and plants against physical damage.

This policy was specifically designed and built by Evertas to address the unique risks faced by industrial miners, co-location and hosting providers, and retail miners. We currently cover the mining operations responsible for 25% of the Bitcoin hashrate with policies up to $360 million per location.

Evertas’ deep expertise and specialized mining underwriting framework assures that your coverage will consider the inherent value not just of your mining hardware, but also the future value of the coins that hardware was built to mine. 

This protects the revenues generated by your mining operations which includes the consequences of your equipment being down (business interruption). In 2023, Evertas redoubled our commitment to protect crypto mining operations through the acquisition of Bitsure.  

Platform Failure (Tech E&O)

Protects against losses up to $10 million due to technology errors.

In cryptoasset operations, technology failures like software or hardware malfunctions can lead to penalties such as slashing. Platform Failure (E&O) insurance offers protection when a failure of technology causes a loss.

Crime - Theft / Loss

Protects digital assets and cash stolen, lost, or damaged by external bad actors and attacks.

Our Crime policies consider the intersection of cryptoasset operations and the technology comprising the custodial systems. Evertas understands through practitioner experience the unique challenges of private key management, business continuity and disaster recovery, and the gradations of risk associated with storage systems. We offer a range of policies across cold, warm, and hot wallets, and can customize coverage to meet the unique needs of your business. 

Insider Theft / Loss (Fidelity)

Protects digital and physical assets from theft, loss, or damage by insiders.

The risk to cryptoassets is not restricted to external bad actors. Our Insider Theft/Loss (Fidelity) policies offer coverage against losses caused by internal employees and contractors.

Directors and Officers (D&O)

Protects – up to $10 million – crypto company leadership against third-party legal action.

Directors and Operators (D&O) coverage is often required; this is especially true in emerging industries such as crypto. Directors’ and officers’ liability, company indemnification, and company liability are covered by our comprehensive D&O policies. 

Digital Property (NFTs)

Protects against loss or theft of digital possessions such as NFTs.

The Evertas policy framework for online NFT coverage tackles the substantial challenge of price determination. This process takes into account each asset’s unique price and rarity. More comprehensive information on NFT coverage is available here.