27 Jan, 2023

Professional Services

Category: Education

In addition to crypto insurance, Evertas offers professional services, which we call 5i, standing for:

  • Intelligence
  • Investigations
  • Inspection
  • Improvement
  • International digital asset recovery

Either working on our own or supporting an existing team, 5i brings together networks of people, experience and technology to address new and emerging business risks including security vulnerabilities, hacks, criminal organizations and nation-states.

We can solve complex problems while supporting safe crypto and blockchain operations.

5i uses the all-source intelligence approach that modern governmental agencies apply to national security risks and threats, drawing on sources of human and open-source intelligence, commercial data sets, big-data analytic tools, and blockchain analytical tools. Combined with decades of experience in conventional investigation and security, we have a unique multi-dimensional perspective.

The aim of 5i is to help our clients prevent, respond to and recover from catastrophic events.

Prevention entails operational assessments, technical assessments, penetration testing, personnel due diligence and continuous monitoring. These work together to identify and help rectify potential problems before they escalate.

Response employs forensic post-incident investigation, root cause analysis and digital asset tracing.

Recovery focuses primarily on digital asset recovery but also on process improvement and business continuity.

Insurance brokers will find particular value in our Prevention services, as these identify improvements that insureds can make prior to underwriting in order to reduce risk and lower premiums.

Insureds will especially appreciate our Recovery services, for their ability to assist in the recovery of lost assets and getting things back to normal.



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