WEB3 Innovator

Evertas was Built By Cryptonatives for Cryptonatives

Evertas is the only dedicated crypto insurance company built by cryptonatives who started out in Web3 and then figured out insurance. By contrast, what few other providers of crypto insurance do exist are run by insurance people trying to figure out crypto.

Hint: Insurance is easier to learn than crypto.

This matters, because it means we see the world the way you do: full of interesting problems to solve via distributed ledger technology. It also means that like you, we are philosophically dedicated to seeing Web3 succeed, and are doing our parts by bringing the space true risk transfer products specialized to meet crypto’s unique needs.

Give us the opportunity to learn about your project and share with you the ways insurance by Evertas can give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your hard work is protected by our A+ (Superior) rated coverage.