4 Oct, 2022

Future of Crypto Insurance Discussed with Lloyd’s of London.

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By: Judd Bagley

Evertas President and Co-founder Raymond Zenkich was featured on Tuesday with Lloyd’s – an especially compelling webinar series featuring some of the most innovative partnerships in the Lloyd of London ecosystem. Evertas, the only crypto insurance provider in the Lloyd’s marketplace, was granted coverholder status in early 2022.

Raymond’s chat with Hank Watkins, Lloyd’s Regional Director and President of Americas ran nearly one hour and was densely packed with great insights into the need for greatly expanded crypto insurance capacity, and how Evertas and Lloyd’s are working together to meet that need. Raymond also discussed the challenges of underwriting risks associated with an asset class as new and dynamic as crypto.

It’s absolutely worth watching the entire conversation, but if an hour feels like a lot of time, start with this five minute highlight reel.

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