Insurance Broker

Evertas works with brokers to find the best possible crypto and mining insurance coverage for their clients.

Given the complex nature of the risks covered, we typically interact with specialist wholesale brokers who provide us with a description of their client’s circumstances and needs, in order for us to generate the most effective provisional quote—sometimes called a very rough indication (VRI).

The VRI includes a request for additional information, required to get to a firmer quote. This is usually a 25-50 point questionnaire tailor made to the insured’s precise circumstances. For Evertas, this is an important point of differentiation, in that this extra step results in significantly more effective coverage, both in terms of economy and efficiency. Taking the time to gather this additional information greatly reduces ambiguity, and we all know that if a claim is filed, ambiguity is the enemy of the insured.

Brokers may encounter streamlined alternatives requiring less effort on their parts. However, experience shows that when dealing with complex risks, the improved outcomes resulting from a little more time on the front-end is in the best interest of both the insured and their broker.

Let our crypto and mining infrastructure insurance experts explain in greater detail how Evertas helps brokers get the best possible coverage for their clients. Reach out to us today.