10 May, 2023

What kind of crypto insurance do you need?

Category: Education

Evertas offers several innovative crypto insurance products but not all of them are needed for every project. For example, a custodial exchange would need all of our crypto insurance policy types, except for mining hardware, while a mining operation would only need mining hardware coverage.

In some cases, the answer to the question of whether a type of crypto insurance coverage is needed is “maybe”, depending on how you answer some additional questions. For example, whether or not an exchange requires digital property coverage would depend on whether or not that particular exchange custodies NFTs.

Or, whether or not a crypto ATM company needs smart contract insurance depends on whether they incorporate them into their technology. These are questions that can be quickly resolved in a preliminary conversation with an Evertas crypto insurance underwriter. Contact us here.

The following chart should give you a good sense for what crypto insurance policy types your project most likely requires.



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