17 Feb, 2023

High Profile Web3 Attacks and How they Happened

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Evertas leadership joined crypto exchange builder Chad Garrett for a fascinating Twitter Spaces panel dedicated to looking at some of the most interesting hacks of blockchain projects and how they transpired.

Our Chief Security Officer Ryan Lackey is an expert in crypto and cyber security, who has forgotten more about blockchain technology and how to keep digital assets secure than many pros in the field will ever learn. He was joined by Evertas CEO J. Gdanski.

During their conversation, they discussed what makes digital assets, relative to fiat currency, such attractive targets to hackers.

Ryan remembered the first big exchange hack: Mt. Gox, and how the industry responded.

It came up that while crypto is fungible and therefor highly launderable. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) also are the target of theft. So what use is stealing something non-fungible?

Ryan then went on the discuss some of the most interesting, high-profile hacks and how they succeeded.

You can listen to the discussion here.

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